Procrastination in Isolation

Somewhere in the past two weeks I have slowed right down. Been procrastinating way too much. Definitely no longer over-achieving in isolation.  The highlight of the past few weeks is being matched with a Mentor and Mentee through the Women in Film and Television Mentor Programme. My mentor is helping me with confidence and pitching skills as well as introducing me to possible other mentors. My mentee is kind of where I was at her age and I hope to give her the confidence and contacts to keep going, to not give up. As for writing,  remember the feature film I was writing based on my [...]

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Overachieving in Isolation – The Year of the Rat

During the first two weeks of isolation I was thriving. Zoom discos with Auntyjonny. Book club with Clare and Richie. We were reading Year of the Monkey by Patti Smith. I love reading work by writer's with gems like this - "you don't follow plots - you negotiate them" pg 58. I was getting dressed for dinner on Friday nights despite the fact I couldn't persuade my family to do the same.  I was writing a short film with a view to have it shot during isolation. A one-hander. Then somewhere in the week of the 6th April I fell apart. My days consisted of dangerous [...]

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In Isolation

– without relation to other people or things; separately. "environmental problems must not be seen in isolation from social ones" Oxford dictionary   I sit at my desk today during our weeks of self-isolation due to Covid-19 and a question arises – how do we view the world if we are all to be taken in isolation? Are we all feeling out of context in isolation in our homes? I feel there is some truth in this for my sons who, without their sporting seasons and work, have lost context in their lives. They almost become like young kids again existing purely in the context of their home, [...]

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